Philip Hausmeier, Adrian Azadvaten, Jan Ahrens and Matthäus Oelschläger.


Anna K.E., Corners of Cosmetic Application, 2016
Anna K.E., Corners of Cosmetic Application, 2016



Metaphysics is an organization which produces and curates virtual reality art experiences. The start-up consist of founder, Slade School graduate Philip Hausmeier, 3D modeller Adrian Azadvaten, as well as programmers Jan Ahrens and Matthäus Oelschläger. Metaphysics also launched together with curator Tina Sauerländer, "Radiance," an online research platform for VR art.

In 2016, the group created a virtual reality exhibition titled NAUSEA for the Computer History Museum and the SVVR (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality) in California. The exhibition is completely virtual and enables users to navigate new works by Eddie Peake, Florian Meisenberg, Anne de Vries, Ruben Grilo, Jack Strange and Anna K.E. In addition to the traditional VR goggles and headphones, NAUSEA’s immersive universe can be explored through two controllers mimicking body gestures and movements in real time and space. This unique feature questions notions of virtual perception, interaction and aesthetics.