Preview - Ericka Beckman and Marianna Simnett

22 March, 6–9pm
Launch | London


Preview - Ericka Beckman and Marianna Simnett


Join us for the opening of solo exhibitions by Ericka Beckman and Marianna Simnett presenting film and video works from the Zabludowicz Collection that explore their distinctive styles of storytelling.

Beckman and Simnett are two artists of different generations working at the forefront of their medium.Their works draw upon archetypes of fairy tales, games and musicals and reflect the impact of new technologies - robotics, virtual reality, bio-medical - on both the built environment and subjectivity. In the work of both artists sound and music play an integral part as narrative devices, using the abstract repetitions and rhythms of playground chants and nursery rhymes, or the cathartic effect of song to create non-linguistic forms of communication.

Over the last four decades, Ericka Beckman has developed a unique language of film-making that utilises the structures and possibilities of games to examine the construction of gendered identities, the precariousness of labour and the embodiment of different kinds of architectures within our post-industrialised economies. The exhibition will present a number of key pieces by Beckman from the Collection, made between the 1980s and the present day, many of which will be seen as installations in the UK for the first time.

British artist Marianna Simnett will be showing a recent group of work that displays bodies on the brink of imagined or inflicted violation. In her biomedical fables, surgeons, insects, children and sworn virgins collaborate in constructing fluid worlds, genders and processes. Simnett also performs in her work, often undergoing acts of significant physical duress.

The exhibitions continue until July 8.