Work of the Week | Linder, Pretty Girls, 1977 - 2007

15 March 2021

Linder, Pretty Girls, 1977 - 2007 (detail). Photo by Todd White Art Photography
Linder, Pretty Girls, 1977 - 2007 (detail). Photo by Todd White Art Photography

As our Instagram followers will know, every Monday we select a #WorkOfTheWeek and during this #WomensHistoryMonth we are looking at today's female history makers, alongside historical female artists. Head over to @zabludowicz_collection to catch up.

Instantly recognisable, our current #WorkOfTheWeek is by internationally celebrated British artist Linder.

Bringing together the languages of graphic design, popular culture, high fashion and fine art in her artworks, Linder started cutting up magazines, making photomontages, like this one from her Pretty Girls (1977-2007) series, while studying graphic design at Manchester Polytechnic.

Heavily involved in the punk scene, Linder is the artist behind the iconic record sleeve of the 1977 Buzzcocks album!

In 1978 Linder published The Secret Public fanzine with Jon Savage, this title was used by the ICA in 2007 for The Secret Public: Last Days of the British Underground 1978 - 1988.

In 1978, Linder founded the post-punk experimental group Ludus, which disbanded in 1983 after a provocative performance at the Haçienda club during which Linder wore a dress made of meat. During the last song, Linder removed her skirt to reveal a dildo and screamed “Woman, wake up!”.

In 2016, she collaborated with the Northern Ballet to produce multidisciplinary dance performance Children of the Mantic Stain.

Kettle’s Yard has created a collection of resources relating to their 2020 Linderism exhibition, that can be explored digitally at home here.

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