Past events / Tour / 2017

Haroon Mirza, Adam, Eve, others and a UFO, 2013. Courtesy hrm199 and Lisson Gallery

Curator Tour: Elizabeth Neilson

16 December 2017, 4–5pm

Tour | London

Haroon Mirza, ããã - Fear of the Unknown remix, installation view, Lisson Gallery, New York. Courtesy Lisson Gallery and hrm199

Curator Tour: Elizabeth Neilson

11 November 2017, 4–5pm

Tour | London

Keith Tyson, Large Field Array, 2006, installation view Sarvisalo Art Barn, 2016. Photo: David Bebber

Sarvisalo Open Weekend

19 August–20 August 2017

Tour | Sarvisalo

Sara Cwynar, Soft Film, 2016. Still

Curator Tour: Paul Luckraft

1 July 2017, 4–5pm

Tour | London