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Jon Rafman's Tamagotchi Epic in Canadian Art

25 November 2015
Canadian Art

Kate Lyddon receives 4 stars in The Upcoming

16 November 2015
The Upcoming

Previewing Invites: Kate Lyddon

13 November 2015
Art Daily

Jon Rafman 'critical yet thoroughly entertaining'

4 November 2015
Studio International

At its heart Jon Rafman's work is about humanity

27 October 2015
Isabella Smith for London Exhibitions

Manic, magical and disturbing collection of art right at the cutting edge

26 October 2015
Ben Luke for The Evening Standard

Time Out reviews Jon Rafman

21 October 2015
Time Out

IDOL reviews Jon Rafman

21 October 2015

Where LARPing meets slime-covered bedrooms

15 October 2015
Andrew Nunes for The Creators Project | Vice

Oculus Rift will change the world, but can it change art?

8 October 2015
Jonathan Jones for The Guardian