Aleksandra Domanović

b.1981, Novi Sad, Former Yugoslavia


Aleksandra Domanović
Aleksandra Domanovic, 19:30, 2011 Installed at Tobačna 001 Cultraul Centre, Ljubljana


Aleksandra Domanović is an artist from Serbian based in Berlin. She works in video, sculpture and digital media, often involving the Internet. 19:30 is a work that looks back at the history of the former Yugoslavia and of social movements involving dance music through the theme tunes of news programmes on government-owned television stations, dating back to 1958, and up to the present day. Its title is taken from the daily scheduled time for these broadcasts. Domanović has treated these musical compositions as cultural artefacts, but also as cutting edge pieces of music, which she has had remixed, edited and remade by DJs and composers popular in the electronic dance scene.