Alexandre Singh

b. 1980, Bordeaux, France. Lives and works in New York, USA


Alexandre Singh
Alexandre Singh, The Dialogues of the Objects, I-V, 2011



Alexandre Singh often takes on the role of a storyteller and in The Dialogues of the Objects I–V he sets up a theatrical animism by staging the personification of everyday objects. By situating allegorical scenes among these unconventional symbolic objects and giving them a voice, Singh sets up a tabula rasa of symbolism which enables him to introduce an element of ridicule and humour while still touching on weighty issues. This allows new kinds of meaning to emerge, defining classical dramatic themes and framing theatrical devices in entirely new ways.

The Dialogues of the Objects I–V scrambles the standard roles of art object and viewer, if not exactly reversing them. This time, we are the ones who stand stock still, mute witnesses to the verbal interactions of objects, while they go about their daily business, performing their usual selves.