Bradley Peters

b. 1979, Nebraska, USA


Bradley Peters
Bradley Peters, Untitled (boys playing with lightbulb), 2008




In his photographs, Bradley Peters attempts to understand the mysticism and complexities of his past through photographing strangers and members of his family in mundane scenarios. Presenting his subjects with fragments of anecdotes and vague details as to why they are being photographed, Peters waits for an emotional state of boredom and frustration to set in, creating an environment for spontaneity and personal nuances to surface.

In the resulting images, the artist captures his subjects in a tense, yet theatrical space. The locations are often domestic: living rooms and kitchens, front porches and back yards. And they document contemporary urban America in a way that feels heightened and constructed, yet full of veracity. There are no answers or well-packaged explanations of what Peters’ work represents. Instead, like the artist and his subjects, the viewer also becomes a part of the struggle to understand and interpret what they see, feel and think.