Dan Attoe

b. 1975, Bremerton, Washington, USA. Lives and works in Portland, Oregon, USA


Dan Attoe
Dan Attoe, Everything Will Slip Through Your Fingers Like Water, 2006




Dan Attoe's images draw on the iconography of feral of America, romantically portraying teenage nihilism, fantasy and alienated rural youth. A bland misogyny runs throughout Attoe's work, drawing on imagery from death metal and featuring bikers, hunters, strip joints and sexy angels in surreal wilderness landscapes. The works seem to question what is real and what is imagined, by being both sincere and ironic, and by operating along the often indeterminate boundaries between fiction, experience and dream. Working as a painter Attoe often accompanies his painted work with text and pencil drawings directly on the wall. Juxtaposing the illuminating glare of neon with phrases and drawings, these works elevate doodles and notes to humorous, poignant and sometimes perverse effect.