Daniel Keller

B. 1986 Detroit, USA. Live in Berlin, Germany.


Daniel Keller
Daniel Keller, AmazonGlobalPriority Cairn Shelving Unit 1, 2013



Keller’s practice focuses on the tension between individualism and cooperation. He produces sculptural forms that embrace functionality, but which also prompt questions around the priorities for technological progress in an increasingly resource-strained world. Onanet Spiruline 1, 2015 is a living sculptural system of spirulina algae in glass nano cube tanks, with wedding and engagement rings adorning its tubing. Spirulina is a ‘superfood’ that is symbolic of cutting-edge Californian food fashions, but has also been hailed as a potential solution to global food shortages. AmazonGlobalPriority Cairn Unit 3, 2013, is comprised of cairns made in Honduras that the artist ordered online. Pre-assembled for easy domestic display, these stone stacks replicate those balanced as markers on remote hilltops or holiday beaches. Keller’s work reflects on the way messages and gestures of freedom and escape are mediated in our techo-corporate landscape.