David Brooks

b.1975, Brazil, Indiana, USA. Lives and works in New York, USA


David Brooks
David Brooks, Myopic Wall Composition, 2012 installation view


David Brooks' art is occupied with the ways human behaviour replicates natural order. His life-long fascination with the scientific method allows his art to raise questions about established processes through which meaning is created. Myopic Wall Compositions are typical of his careful use of materials. One of the the series pairs mass produced MDF with stone formations drawn from the ancient quarries used to produce New York's sidewalks. The stones are presented within plain booth-like structures, inviting the audience to study their form closely. These encounters offer reflection on the ways that ancient landscapes remain integral parts of the modern metropolis. Functioning as both scientific documents and objects of beauty, Brooks' work seeks to bridge a gap between traditionally polemic modes of interpretation and more open ended-contemplation to suggest alternative ways of articulating the world.


David Brooks
David Brooks, Entangled Image (Short-beaked common dolphins), 2013