Heather Phillipson

b. 1978, London, UK. Lives and works in London


Heather Phillipson
Heather Phillipson, A is to D what E is to H, 2011 (still)


In artworks combining video, sound and sculpture Heather Phillipson uses language to lead the viewer through a labyrinth of images and ideas. An award-winning poet as well as an artist, Phillipson brings together collections of shrewd but humorous observations full of word play and rhythmical tapestries, suggesting the world as she experiences it. In Zero-Point Garbage Matte, 2012 the viewer climbs up onto a sculpture of brick-a-brak, to watch a video from above. In doing so one enters into the thick of the work of art, as well as the centre of a cat-litter filled padding-pool.