Ida Ekblad

b. 1980, Norway


Ida Ekblad
Ida Ekblad, Tracks / Coming to boast in refrigerated cloak, 2013


Ida Ekblad (b.1980, Oslo, Norway) lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Ekblad’s artistic practice incorporates painting, sculpture, performance, filmmaking as well as poetry. Her works transmit a distinct spontaneity, created through her playful compositions, genre-crossing approach, the bold application of colour and the use of found materials. For several years, Ida Ekblad has incorporated shopping trolleys into her artistic practice, utilising them to transport detritus and scraps of metal she finds on long walks (which she calls ‘drifts’, after the Situationists’ dérives) through cities. These found materials form the components for new works, and after Ekblad uses the trolleys as carrying vessels, she incorporates them into sculptures. Wagon (Car-lots brimful) (2013) is one of a group of such wagons: in addition to them becoming static gallery objects, Ekblad also rolled the trolleys backward and forward over her still-wet paintings, with lines of poetry carved into their rubber wheels.