Jean-Marie Appriou

b. 1986, France. Lives and works in Brest and Paris, France


Jean Marie Appriou, Mirage, 2016
Jean Marie Appriou, Mirage, 2016


French artist Jean-Marie Appriou creates sculptures, objects, reliefs, and installations that engage with the tactile properties of telluric materials such as clay, glass, bronze, zinc, aluminium. Since he graduated from the Regional School of Art in Rennes in 2010, Appriou has created a substantial body of work referencing folklore, beliefs systems, and the use of traditional technics. His textured and expressive sculptures often bear roughly and heavily worked surfaces, evoking the laborious manual implications of their making processes. Rather than collaborating with craftsmen, Appriou learned smelting, forging, woodcarving, fur tanning and casting techniques online.