Julie Becker

b. 1972, CA, USA. d. 2016, CA, USA


Julie Becker, Whole (Going Down), 1999, Photograph
Julie Becker, Whole (Going Down), 1999, Photograph


Julie Becker was an interdisciplinary artist whose work ranged between installations, sculptures, drawings, photography and video. The themes of space and displacement are consistent throughout the works of the artist, often framed through familiar themes of the city. Becker’s exploration of transient lives and spaces was reflective of an artist who had personal ties to the experience of displacement. Her work, Whole (Going Down) (1999), is representative of these coalescing themes, illustrating the mundane of an elevator shaft with an uneasy but delicate beauty.

Selected solo exhibitions include: I must create a Master Piece to pay the Rent, ICA, London, UK, 2018 and Julie Becker, Greene Naftali, NY, USA, 2016.