Kate Lyddon

b.1979, London, UK


Kate Lyddon, Cloakroom Exchange, 2016
Kate Lyddon, Cloakroom Exchange, 2016


Working across drawing, painting and sculpture, Kate Lyddon creates scenes of bodily absurdity and dark humour. A cast of characters, sometimes cartoon-like and often grotesque, enact a variety of nonsensical actions and poses. Resisting stability or repetition, Lyddon’s formal experimentation allows chance and serendipity to play an active role in determining the direction her imagery grows.
Lyddon’s approach acknowledges and draws on the messy nature of ‘real life’, which seeps into the enclosed worlds she creates, without ever threatening to undercut their otherworldly strangeness. Rather than communicating a central narrative, she instead proffers images that emerge intuitively from her imagination. Their fascination resides in the way that they convey latent meaning which ranges from the general to the specific, the ugly to the beautiful, and from the age-old to the contemporary.

She completed an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art in 2006 and a BA Fine Art at Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury in 2001.