Katja Strunz

b. 1970, Ottweiler, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany


Katja Strunz
Katja Strunz, Fall Into Space, 2007, installation view, Material Presence, 2008 at Zabludowicz Collection, London. Photo: Stephen White




Katja Strunz’s geometric constructions display a patina that brings to mind an artificial ageing and induced historicity. The passage of time and the transformation of materials are key to her assemblages, which often incorporate sculptural elements that reflect a variation on a theme: a series of different cubes or collection of folded shapes that appear to take flight in the gallery. The key to her materials is their physicality: the grain of the wood, the various processes of painting or oxidisation applied to metals. Her works can appear as threatening forms or parasitical growths; zoomorphic gatherings of bird-like folded shapes or cubes performing a Fall into Space. This work gives the illusion that the metal cubes have been frozen in time, held in place by some unknown magnetism, to create a sentence in what the artist calls “room language”.