Laura Lima

b. 1971, Governador Valadares, Brazil


Laura Lima
Laura Lima, Costumes, 2006, installation view No horizon, no edge to liquid, 2020, at Zabludowicz Collection, London. Photo: Tim Bowditch




Laura Lima’s practice is slippery; hard to tie down, she works across a variety of media in order to assemble her ‘images’ and collate together her various concepts, attempting to destabilise accepted definitions and approaches. Lima is concerned with the viewer themselves and their body, considering how they will move around the architecture of the gallery context and how they will interact with her work –quite literally using their bodies as a support in Costumes (2006), a series of transparent vinyl garments and accessories which can be worn by the public. The work is a hybrid; acting as ‘image’ on the wall, sculpturally in 3D space and performatively through audience participation and challenges ornamentation which is normally seen as unnecessary or supplemental.