Marine Hugonnier

b. 1969, Paris, France. Lives and works in London, UK


Marine Hugonnier
Marine Hugonnier, Art for Modern Architecture, 2010



Marine Hugonnier's artistic practice is rooted in an observation of the ways in which our point of view determines what we apprehend visually. Her interest in the relationship between language and image, and the deceptive quality of both, has informed a diverse body of work, which includes films, photography, works on paper, books and performance.

Art for Modern Architecture (2004-2011) is a series of collages on newspaper front pages. Hugonnier blocks out the images in news reports of pivotal events such as the death of Kennedy, the fall of the Berlin wall, and the September 11th attacks, with colourful geometric compositions, based on the paintings of Ellsworth Kelly. Through this intervention, Hugonnier highlights the power of the apparently mundane newspaper, as we are bound to realize that we can still 'see' what is behind the colour blocks. The images are already burned into our memories through their repeated appearance in our daily life, just as the vivid colours of the collage would impact our vision.