Mark Bradford

b. 1961, Los Angeles, USA. Lives and works in Los Angeles.


Mark Bradford
Mark Bradford, The Paw With All It's Claws Was Missing, 2010


Mark Bradford is best known for his large-scale, abstract paintings which he creates without the use of paint, instead opting for materials sourced from his local environment. His work is rooted in his understanding that materials and techniques are entrenched with meaning that precedes their artistic function. Bradford’s paintings are comprised of several layers of different types of found materials, such as posters, flyers and hairdressing end papers, the surfaces of which he then processes by means of sanding, tearing and scraping. He employs his signature style of abstraction to highlight social and political systems that have objectified and harmed vulnerable populations. Alongside his work in painting and collage, Bradford has also explored issues of race, class, and gender in video, photography, sculpture, and installation.