Martin Boyce

b. 1967, Hamilton, Scotland. Lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland


Martin Boyce
Martin Boyce, Through Half Closed Eyes, 2013



Martin Boyce's installations draw on music, architecture and modernist design. His work is frequently concerned with the erosion of public space, especially the kind of environment that is frequently overlooked or taken for granted. Using the formal vocabulary of Modernism to create sculptural pieces invoking the artist's particular visual landscape, Boyce's work often takes shape as a stylized hybrid of furniture, lighting and objects seemingly made for urban environments or outdoor spaces.

Reappropriating modernist design from the 1950s and 60s to comment on notions of 'good' design, Boyce's work pushes design signifiers to their most dismembered state. His works are often installed in relation to permanent architectural features in the gallery space.