Michael Williams

b. 1978, USA


Michael Williams
Michael Williams, Dad, 2014


A particular value of the contemporary painting is its ability to respond to a long and thoroughly considered history. By combining elements of Surrealism, Abstraction, Expressionism and psychedelia, Michael Williams responds to painterly conventions without compromising on their aesthetic strengths. His paintings are melting pots that an audience can choose to decode or simply to enjoy. His titles maintain this unassuming attitude to art making. In Morning Meditation with Mud and Jenny Mac, the backdrop of the work's creation is revealed, and we are invited to share the artist's pleasure in his process. On the resulting canvas, the variations in technique, from sparse washes to globular daubs, give a seductive materiality to the work. Elsewhere, humorous cartoon elements bounce off the more cryptic details, creating a colourful feast for the eyes.


Michael Williams
Michael Williams, Morning Meditation with Mud and Jenny Mac, 2013