Myriam Holme

b. 1971, Mannheim, Germany


Myriam Holme
Myriam Holme, und regenbemoost, 2006




Myriam Holme's works blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture, lending them a distinct presence in the gallery. Two-dimensional paintings grow into three-dimensional installations, reaching across entire galleries into liminal spaces such as corridors. Holme uses solid materials to perform in three dimensions the perspectival effects that are usually relegated to the two dimensions of the canvas. In und regenbemoost, a work whose poetic title suggests a natural landscape in which rain begets moss, poplar branches, bamboo and thread become extensions of painted lines, while fabric and blocks of glass echo the painted marks. By expanding painting in this way, Holme creates a physical presence for the work in space, allowing the audience to explore the material composition of the work as well as its overall visual effect.