Nobuko Tsuchiya

b. 1972 Yokohama, Japan


Nobuko Tsuchiya
Nobuko Tsuchiya, Insect Surgery Machine, 2002, installation view, No horizon, no edge to liquid, 2020, at Zabludowicz Collection, London. Photo: Tim Bowditch



Nobuko Tsuchiya accumulates household objects and scrap materials in order to later combine them into her faux-mechanical sculptures. Her work is capable of changing scale and operates on both the micro and macro, engaging the viewers perception of the space the work is exhibited in. Tsuchiya selects objects that she is attracted to, using them to transfer the memories imbued within them into her sculptures, removing them from their original context and imagining their potential future use. Tsuchiya does not provide specific meanings allocated to certain works, however their titles help to try and align the viewer to her own perspective and personal narratives.