Rachel Rose

b. 1986 New York, USA. Lives and works in New York, USA.


Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose, Sitting Feeding Sleeping, 2013 (still)


American artist Rachel Rose creates video installations that fuse images and sounds, creating unique narratives out of seemingly unrelated events. Her poetic compositions juxtapose found and original footage, which explore contemporary anxieties such as environmental concerns, the advance of technology, mortality and our relationship to history. Initially driven by extensive research centred on a specific theory or belief, Rose’s collaging of sound and image opens our possibilities to convey a sensorial experience of space and ideas.

Sitting Feeding Sleeping (2013) was shot in a cryogenics lab, a robotics perception lab, and in zoos. The work uses these three spaces as a means to understand what Rose calls ‘deathfullness’ – being alive, yet feeling dead. From machines able to read human emotions to animals deprived of their sexual, social and survival instincts, the work articulates different stages of death and life. The installation’s setting and hypnotising soundtrack reinforce the work’s dreamlike character, simulating the different levels of consciousness between being awake and sleeping.