Ricardo Alcaide

b. 1967, Venezuela


Ricardo Alcaide
Ricardo Alcaide, Untitled, 2010



Ricardo Alcaide examines constructed lived environments as a means through which to explore contemporary humanity. His observations and interventions within such spaces are frequently reduced to their essential elements. This minimal aesthetic, taking influence from modernist architecture, creates a strong visual statement about the realities his work conveys. Site specific sculptures such as Fence (2008) physically divide urban space and encourage reflection on the social implications of urban planning and ghettoisation.

Alcaide's A Place to Hide (2010) series depicts the makeshift homes of dispossessed people living in cities across the globe. These documentary-style photographs bring an element of the urban living so frequently overlooked into the audience's focus. In accompanying works Alcaide translates the images into abstract paintings, reflecting the unconscious ability of the passer-by to transform these dwellings into faceless elements of the everyday.