Sarah Lucas

b.1962, London, UK. Lives and works in Suffolk, UK


Sarah Lucas
Sarah Lucas, Spamaggedon, 2004, installation view, An Archaeology, 2007 at Zabludowicz Collection, London. Photo: Stephen White


Sarah Lucas tackles the realms of sex, gender and identity with frankness and visual wit. Employing low quality materials with connotations of working class experience, Lucas is known for her anthropomorphic sculptures that deliberately play on the malleability of representation. In her ongoing 'bunny' works stuffed tights become women, whilst everything from food stuffs to household implements have be used to represent sexual organs. Gritty to the point of confrontational and sick to the point of funny, Lucas' ongoing investigation into the contradictions within society's attitude to sex and the body has also taken the forms of photographs, ready-mades, collage, and installation.