Slater Bradley

b. 1975, San Francisco, USA. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany


Slater Bradley
Slater Bradley, Female Gargoyle, 2000


Slater Bradley has become known for crafting modern day myths which draw on popular imagery and collective memory. Highly atmospheric, and often instilled with ambiguity, Bradley's works deliberately blur the lines between reality and fiction. The shaky camera work and grainy footage of Female Gargoyle (2000) show an unidentified woman smoking a cigarette atop a redbrick wall, whilst a band declaring 'Amateur Video' tops the screen. The intended meaning of this statement isn't clear. As the shot pulls away, we see that she is precariously straddling a multistory building. Will she jump? The uncertainty of the scene is typical of Bradley's ability to capture the fluctuating boundaries between indifference, spectacle and raw emotion.