Sophie Wahlquist

b. 1983, Eckenforde, Germany. Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA


Sophie Wahlquist
Sophie Wahlquist, Perch or Fly, 2021. Photo: Charles White


Born in Germany and now living in Los Angeles, Sophie Wahlquist combines the duelling sensibilities of the European lineage of figurative painting with California’s sun-drenched perspective on the natural world. Working in painting, collage and ceramics, Wahlquist often turns to subjects of personal importance; family members, friends, and concerns of one’s psychic and spiritual life.

Perch or Fly
, 2021 is part of Wahlquist’s ongoing response to childhood and play. Taking up the centre of the canvas is a group of bodiless children, surrounded by gestural strokes, colour blocks, a pink pig and row of houses. The painting is an exploration of the imagination and fantasies of a child, spaces that becomes dampened by adulthood. In this way, Wahlquist’s work builds and reflects the feelings and experiences of the past, present, and in some respects, the future.