Yelena Popova

b. 1978, Urals, Russia. Lives and works in Nottingham, UK


Yelena Popova
Yelena Popova, Unnamed, 2011


Yelena Popova is interested in visibility in all its forms, but specifically political and physical and how these can often overlap. In her painting installations she deconstructs how paintings can and should be shown, incorporating sanded found wooden elements and door knobs to highlight the makeshift temporary nature of the paintings exhibition in that space, at that time with you as the viewer acting as witness. Her film works, shown on monitors in spaces adjacent to the paintings, take visibility as their subject matter in different ways. Particulate Matter, a film initiated by the artist whilst on a research residency in China, poetically examines chemical and toxic exposure in situations of rapid industrialization and highlights parallels and disparities between eastern philosophy, work and capitalist manufacturing.