Virtual Exhibition: Trulee Hall

Virtual Exhibition: Trulee Hall
Trulee Hall, Polkadot Bedroom, Nightmare Set (Girl/ Monster), 2018, exhibition view at Zabludowicz Collection, London, 2020. Photo: Tim Bowditch


We have partnered with The Net Gallery to produce a virtual walkthrough of Trulee Hall's annual commission at Zabludowicz Collection. Immerse yourself in video, sculpture, and painting, including the new commission Tongues Duel the Corn Whores, An Opera.

Hints and Tips:

• The virtual walkthrough works on mobile, tablet and desktop.
• Click the play button below to enter. Once inside, navigate freely throughout the space by clicking the floor circles.
• Clicking the grey circle by artworks will bring up work details, texts, and/or the full video work.
• Yellow circles take the user to another gallery space. Trulee Hall's exhibition runs across the Main Hall, Middle Gallery, Back Gallery, and Mezzanine.

Trulee Hall's virtual walkthrough was scanned and produced by The Net Gallery.



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Trulee Hall

Trulee Hall