A Fine Red Line

A Fine Red Line
A Fine Red Line, 2008 at Zabludowicz Collection, London


The editorial team of A Fine Red Line (A Curatorial Miscellany) invites Bedwyr Williams, Paul O'Neill, Mark Hutchinson, Maria Fusco and Roxy Walsh to expand, live and in collaboration, upon ideas and questions raised in their recent publication. The publication A Fine Red Line (A Curatorial Miscellany) explores current trends and tendencies within art and exhibition making and is structured around nine questions, to which both contemporary artists and emerging curators were invited to respond with both visual and written contributions.

A Fine Red Line (LIVE) is an event which takes three of these nine questions and poses them to a selection of curators, writers and artists. Paul O’ Neill and Mark Hutchison will develop a conversation around the multifaceted role of the curator by presenting their collaborative project Tape Runs Out. Maria Fusco and Roxy Walsh will explore the malleability of fiction by presenting a selection of readings that will create a narrative by association. Bedwyr Williams will consider the current status of performance with the newly commissioned live project METHODIST TO MY MADNESS. Responding to the architectural setting of 176, the artist will deliver a sermon about fear and doom.