Acoustic Mirrors

Acoustic Mirrors



Featuring Christopher Thomas along with guests Gil Leung, Patrick Coyle, and a surprise DJ!


ACOUSTIC MIRRORS is a dynamic weekend of events and live radio broadcast organised by students from the curatorial post-graduate programmes at Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths, University of London. Focussed around Charlie Woolley's Radio Show, Acoustic Mirrors questions how we experience an artwork when we have not seen it and invites a broad array of speakers and members of the public to reflect on the conceptual and physical distribution of art today.

An exhibtion of on-hand documentation of a selection of works from the Zabludowicz Collection will offer visitors a unique means of access and navigation through the collection. As well as engaging with the exhibition and live events at the Zabludowicz Collection, audiences will also be able to hear the show remotely at a listening post at the Swiss Cottage Library and on-line. Swiss Cottage Library, 88 Avenue Road, London NW3 3HA.

Curated by: Alana Kushnir, Alex Ross, Cicely Farrer, Claudia Louise Aires, Ellie Greig, Elsa Coustou, Galit Mana, George Vasey, Juste Kostikovaite, Margherita Belcredi, Micola Clara Brambilla, Ned McConnell, Nick Warner, Sophie Williamson

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Friday 3rd February

18.00 – Introduction to Acoustic Mirrors
18.25 – Christopher Kulendran Thomas with Tom Trevatt: The Future, Art beyond the Contemporary
18.40 – Gil Leung in conversation.
19.20 - Christopher Kulendran Thomas with Paul Peroni
19.30 – Patrick Coyle
20.00 - Christopher Kulendran Thomas with Barbara Steveni
20.10 - Charlie Woolley
20.50 - Christopher Kulendran Thomas with Ed Fornieles and LuckyPDF
21.00 – DJ!
21.25 - Christopher Kulendran Thomas with Paul B Davis
22.00 – END

Saturday 4th February

12.00 – Introduction to Day
12.15 – Tom Godfrey
12.30 – Lisa Le Feuvre in conversation
13.00 – Sam Fenton – Elstone in conversation
13.30 – Michael Crowe & Lenka Clayton (Mysterious Letters)
14.00 – Alfredo Cramerotti
14.25 – Toby Huddlestone interruption
15.00 – Garrett Phelan
16.00 - Claudia Molitor
16.30 – Seth Guy
17.00 – Postworks in conversation
18.00 – Daily Recap

Sunday 5th February

12.00 – Introduction to day
12.30 – AND Publishing host The Piracy Project
13.00 – Doug Fishbone in conversation
13.30 – James Harkin in conversation
14.00 – Homeland
14.25 – Toby Huddlestone interruption
14.35 – Jeremy Hutchison in conversation
15.00 – Karen di Franco
16.00 – Aura Satz
16.30 – Daniel Ploeger
17.00 – Jaimie Hodgson Desert Islands Discs
17.45 – Highlights of the weekend
18.00 - END

Exhibiting Artists