Artist Talk: Lucas Blalock

Artist Talk: Lucas Blalock
Lucas Blalock, Log Lady, 2012. Courtesy the artist and Ramiken Crucible, New York


From temporal stacking and the studio, to worldly and virtual space, artist Lucas Blalock discusses ideas key to his practice; this talk will take place at our partnering venue, The Photographers' Gallery, tickets can be booked through their website.

Lucas Blalock (b. 1978, Asheville, NC, USA. Lives and works in New York) uses a photographic process that shares much with drawing: creating and erasing layers of visual information to build playful and intriguing compositions. His approach encompasses abstract and figurative imagery, and digital and analogue techniques. A large format film camera is used in the studio and on location, with Photoshop then employed to erase elements or add pictorial material. Blalock’s work creates connections with many strands of visual culture, from modern art and advertising, to personal snaps of everyday surroundings.

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