Book Launch: Artists in Virtual Reality

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Book Launch: Artists in Virtual Reality
Florian Meisenberg, image from Pre-Alpha Courtyard Games (raindrops on my cheek), 2017. Interactive VR Installation. Courtesy the artist and Wentrup Gallery, Berlin


Continuing Zabludowicz Collection’s commitment to supporting artists working with emerging technologies, we are delighted to announce our new publication Artists in Virtual Reality. Since 2015, we have pioneered bringing virtual reality (VR) into the gallery space, and in 2018 we established the 360: VR Room, a dedicated environment in which audiences can experience how artists employ immersive technology.

Reflecting on the implications of these new mediums for artists, audiences and institutions, the publication features in-depth interviews with leading artists, including Rebecca Allen, Paul McCarthy and Jordan Wolfson. It also includes two new augmented reality (AR) works, by featured artists Florian Meisenberg and Jeremy Couillard.

To launch the book, this panel discussion brings together some of these key voices, including artists Rebecca Allen and Mélodie Mousset, and author of the book Maitreyi Maheshwari (Head of Programme, FACT Liverpool). Chaired by the book’s editor, Paul Luckraft (Senior Curator: Exhibitions), this conversation takes place on Zoom.

Please register your interest via the booking button. The webinar link will be circulated to ticket holders prior to the event. We're giving attendees 20% off their order of the brand new publication Artists in Virtual Reality.