Families Create: Clay Flower Making

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Families Create: Clay Flower Making
Clay flowers in the studio of Dolon Kundu, Bengal, India (crop)


Join us at the gallery for a free workshop for all ages, where ceramic artist Zoe Petrie guides you in creating flowers from clay, using simple techniques and just your hands as tools.

The flowers made during the workshop will be included in a public art installation at Coventry Canal Basin from 12-17 July as part of Hands Earth Gesture Return.

The flowers and methods of construction were devised by Dolon Kundo, a ceramic artist from Kolkata who is one of the artists involved in the Hands Earth Gesture Return project.

This event is FREE, Booking recommended.

Hand Earth Gesture Return is a sustainable public art project for Coventry & Warwickshire, which manifests over a series of chapters. As chapter 4 "The Build" begins, Pangaea invites different members of the local community to get involved in the making of clay flowers. These flowers will become part of the ground-breaking public art installation from 12-17 July at Coventry Canal Basin, forming dramatic piles that will adorn a sculptural gateway entrance and exit. Aiming to make 1,000s of unfired clay flowers, the piles will show the vast number of individuals involved in the project, and hand gestures used in the making will be marked by imprints left on the clay's surface. On Saturday 16th July, some groups will be bringing their creations to the canal basin as a performance of 'offerings'. The floral 'offerings' reference the studio of HEGR artist Dolon Kundu, the floral offerings seen in temples and religious festivals around the world, and detritus and blossom in Coventry canal.

For more information on Hand Earth Gesture Return, see their website.