Extended Opening Hours: Trulee Hall

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Extended Opening Hours: Trulee Hall
Trulee Hall, Eve and Eve (from Serpent Dance for the Red Witches), 2018 (detail)


We are delighted to reopen our doors and welcome you to this year’s Annual Commission by American artist Trulee Hall, following her sold-out performance, Tongues Duel the Corn Whores, An Opera, earlier this year.

Installations comprising videos, sculptures, paintings, composed soundtracks, and kinetic mechanisms create dense environments that invite the visitor to step around, peep through, and settle in. Reappearing tropes populate the exhibition; stylised female nudes with mouths agape, rendered in gold and primary colours; bodies of many ages, genders and sizes relishing their physicality; and often repeated phallic snakes and corncobs.

The artist’s first UK exhibition, this show debuts Hall’s newly commissioned project based on the live opera, alongside works from the Collection and a number of videos, paintings and sculptures made over the past two years.

We recommend booking a free ticket in advance, please familiarise yourself with our guidelines before your visit.