Families Create At Home: Enchanted Puppet Making

Families Create At Home: Enchanted Puppet Making
Trulee Hall, Polkadot Bedroom, Nightmare Set (Girl Monster), 2018, exhibition view at Zabludowicz Collection, London, 2020. Photo Tim Bowditch
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Artist Tom Pope leads an online workshop inspired by our current Trulee Hall exhibition. For this Christmas special, children (and crafty adults) will be shown how to make an enchanted puppet using pipe cleaners and some old newspaper.

Launching on Saturday 12 December at 11am on Instagram IGTV, follow us @zabludowicz_collection. The full workshop will then be available on our website.

Materials you will need:
Paper, old newspapers, PVA glue, water, masking tape, pipe cleaners (or garden wire or paper clips), fishing line (or string), 2 short bits of stick or pencils, paints and materials to decorate.

Tools you will need:
Pot to mix glue and water, mixing spoon, scissors and pencil or pen.

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