Families Create Special: Understanding Your Position

Families Create Special: Understanding Your Position
Gaia Fugazza, Present and Distracted, 2016. (Detail) Photo: Tim Bowditch


A movement workshop for all ages that encourages you to understand another person by moving like them. Grown-ups and children are invited to join artist Gaia Fugazza and choreographer Celine Roblin-Robson on a journey of awareness through moving bodies. Place yourself in someone else’s position, copy movements and feel what they are feeling. Move freely like a child again or walk tall like an adult and discover the world from new perspectives. Working together you will be guided through easy, exploratory movements that open up fun and extraordinary ways to be mobile.

This workshop has been devised by Gaia Fugazza to accompany her current Zabludowicz Collection Invites exhibition.

Drop in anytime between 2-5pm. You can join for the whole workshop or take part for a short while.

No previous experience needed.

Come in loose, comfortable old clothes as some activities will take place on the floor.

We welcome adults, and children accompanied by an adult.