Guest Tour: Dr. Timotheus Vermeulen

Guest Tour: Dr. Timotheus Vermeulen
Mark Leckey, Untitled (Prince Albert, Little Richard, Pouter), 2003. Photo: Tim Bowditch


Join us for a special tour of the Zabludowicz Collection: 20 Years exhibition. Dr. Timotheus Vermeulen has created a fictional traveller to lead your journey around the show. Performed by Alan Fielden, this intergalactic character will consider the show as a cosmos in and of itself and use this alien environment to explore ideas of dischronicity, adventure and depth in contemporary art.

This event has been devised by Dr. Timotheus Vermeulen to accompany the launch of his essay Snap!, one of a series of texts commissioned for the Zabludowicz Collection: 20 Years exhibition. Each essay will be released as a free PDF download from the website.


Booking recommended.

Dr. Timotheus Vermeulen is Assistant Professor in Cultural Theory at the Radboud University Nijmegen, where he also heads the Centre for New Aesthetics. He has written on contemporary aesthetics, art, film and television for The Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, Screen, Frieze, and various collections and catalogues, and has given talks for Documenta and Frieze Art Fair. With Robin van den Akker he is co-founding editor of Notes on Metamodernism.

Alan Fielden is a writer, director, performer and musician. He was born in a bedroom in Seoul. In London he runs National Art Service and co-runs ROOM and new-writing night You Are Already Dead. He has worked and performed in churches, hotels, theatres, galleries, toilets, cafes, rivers and living rooms around the world. At night he likes to get lost around London. He wishes it had a tall hill like Edinburgh.