Invites Artist’s Presentation: Puck Verkade

Invites Artist’s Presentation: Puck Verkade


In her practice, artist Puck Verkade uses humour and absurdity to question the contradicting complexities that form part of human behaviour. In relation to this, she harbours a long-term curiosity in the concept of Laughter Therapy, intrigued by the separation of laughter and humour, and the layered quality of laughter itself, ranging from awkward, to sincere, to outrageous.

Laughter Yoga teacher Odette Kurland conducts a session of guided laughter, breathing exercises and playfulness to help inspire well-being and lower stress levels. This workshop includes Laughter Yoga, a practice of voluntary laughter, along with breathing techniques that originate from Yoga.

The body reacts in the same way whether laughter is simulated and stimulated, or natural; releasing endorphins. It is these endorphins that fight stress, boost our immune system and make us feel good in so many ways. Laughter yoga is experienced in groups, with eye contact, yogic breathing and playfulness between participants. All that is required is a willingness to laugh...

Odette aka Lady HaHa 😊 is a Laughter Yoga Teacher and Leader, Reiki Master, Gong Master and Meditation Facilitator.