Performance: Katarzyna Debska, Re-archiving

Performance: Katarzyna Debska, Re-archiving


As part of their current exhibition, A Minute Ago, students from the MA Performance Design and Practice course at Central St Martins devise new performances.

Katarzyna Debska, Re-archiving

cut /mixed / when was now / your / my / remembrance / constantly manipulated / by myself / through an external collective / public / or an individual / memory constructed of my own recollections / not influenced by somebody sharing with me moments /not shaped by somebody’s experiences / put on me / by not my experiences / not only mine / my very veryautonomous memory / doesn't remind of mess / remind me / my own private narration
- Artist’s Text

Working with visual material partly from her personal archive, Debska edits and reorganises the material live in the gallery, using the shared space and experiences within it to help shape new narratives. Interested in different notions of memory, the artist leaves traces to remain in the space after each performance.