Performance: Lester Horton Technique

Performance: Lester Horton Technique View Gallery


Learn more about choreographer Lester Horton, a pioneer of modern dance, who appears in Shana Moulton’s work. Observe a live dance class in the gallery space, led by dancer and choreographer Heather Star Benson, showcasing the technique that’s become his enduring legacy, taught in companies and schools around the world.

In the first half of the Twentieth century, Lester Horton developed a modern dance technique based on Native American dances, anatomical studies, and other movement influences. In addition to taking inspiration from an unexpected range of sources, Horton was also was also among the first choreographers in the U.S. to insist upon racial integration in his company. He went on to establish the Lester Horton Dance Theater in Los Angeles, one of the first permanent theatres dedicated to modern dance in America.

Horton’s legacy continues to be felt in the dance world, but it is perhaps most visible today in the work of Alvin Ailey. This ‘class-as-performance’ is a rare opportunity to witness dancers exploring the technique, revealing the intelligence and sense of humour of Horton’s approach.

Taking part are dancers Yaa Appiah-Badu, Chloe Bertini, Annie Blomfield, Asmara Cammock, Ryesha Higgs, Callum Sterling, Anette Taimisto and Jessica Walker.