Preview - Donna Huanca and Invites: Luke McCreadie

Preview - Donna Huanca and Invites: Luke McCreadie
Donna Huanca, Polystyrene’s Braces. Installation view, 2015. Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga


Join us for the opening of our 2016 Annual Commission with Donna Huanca and a new solo project by Luke McCreadie for our Zabludowicz Collection Invites programme.

To celebrate the UK debut of Donna Huanca's mesmeric work, SCAR CYMBALS will launch with a live event occuring throughout the evening. Expanding on the exhibition's ongoing performative components, the gallery space will be populated by painted human bodies performing 'glacial' movements that will create tableuxs across new architectural and sculptural works and be accompanied by new sound recordings.

The evening will then culminate with an on-site after party and exclusive set by Callahan.