Preview: Invites: Darya Diamond and 360: Jeremy Couillard

Preview: Invites: Darya Diamond and 360: Jeremy Couillard
Darya Diamond, Untitled, 2022. Digital photograph. Courtesy the artist.


Join us for a drink at the opening night of exhibition Invites: Darya Diamond, alongside our 360 VR pop up with 360: Jeremy Couillard.

Taking over our Invites space, Darya Diamond’s practice depicts the body as a site of power, pleasure and labour. Working in print, sculpture, audio and film, the viewer will be immersed in a shared space surrounded by domestic tropes and fragments of intimacy, where Diamond peels back the fetishisation of the sex industry to employ its healing and transformative power.

Opening in a special VR pop up in the foyer, Jeremy Couillard's virtual reality work, The Founders of Daytona Beach Also Founded Dayton, Ohio immerses viewers into a fully interactive 3D game which draws upon the conventions of video games, transporting you to an imagined landscape in which your disembodied form floats past alien creatures and absurd scenarios that evoke the kind of visual logic of dreams.

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