Preview: Invites: Rebecca Parkin

Preview: Invites: Rebecca Parkin
Rebecca Parkin, Pickle Pie (crop), 2018. Pastel on paper. Digital Photograph, Courtesy the artist


Join us for an evening preview of exhibition, Invites: Rebecca Parkin.

London-based painter Rebecca Parkin responds to genres of fan art, horror films, and cosplay, and draws on seventeenth century Dutch portraiture and traditional methods of pop culture illustration to interpret the changing landscape of fantasy, gender and sexuality.

Building from her ongoing series of green women, Parkin's presentation recreates the depictions of women seen throughout art history, film and popular culture as possessed witch-like beings. Set against a red backdrop, the installation employs the trickery of colour theory techniques to illuminate the character's vivid skin and bloodshot eyes. Taking on an eerie and exaggerated critique, the work unpacks feminist histories through the demonic femme as an eroticized trope.