Preview - Invites: Willem Weismann

10 November 2016, 6–9pm
Launch | London


Willem Weismann, Wretched Excess (detail), 2016
Willem Weismann, Wretched Excess (detail), 2016


In his exhibition, Basement Odyssey, Willem Weismann presents an ambitious suite of new paintings that embark on an idiosyncratic journey through layers of space, time and meaning. A central motif in Weismann’s work is imagining and picturing what lies hidden behind walls or beneath our feet. For this exhibition he has taken inspiration from the Renaissance paintings of Andrea Mantegna and the late 1980s video game Manhunter: New York. A trio of large canvases flow around the walls of the gallery, moving the viewer from an exterior view of a street, to the inside of a mysterious blue-bricked building, and down into a basement space, where concrete floors dissolve into lava.