Preview: LuYang NetiNeti

Preview: LuYang NetiNeti
LuYang, DOKU the self, 2022. Single channel video installation, 36 minutes. Courtesy of the artist and Société, Berlin


Join us to celebrate the opening of major new exhibition, LuYang NetiNeti, alongside Invites: Shinuk Suh. All are welcome at the preview, with drinks provided by Camden-based gin company Half Hitch, and food including tacos, candy floss and popcorn completing the arcade experience!

LuYang NetiNeti is this year's annual commission by acclaimed Chinese multi-media artist LuYang, their first solo exhibition in the UK. Immersed in the cultures of anime and video games, LuYang combines aspects of Buddhist belief with motifs from sci-fi and medical science to reflect on the mysteries and mechanics of the human body and mind, and question the nature of reality itself.

NetiNeti – derived from a Sanskrit expression meaning 'neither this, nor that' – focuses on DOKU, LuYang’s own digital avatar. Using advanced motion capture and CGI animation technology, and collaborating with numerous dancers, the DOKU series explores the multiplicity of the self. The centre pieces of the exhibition are the world premiere of Zabludowicz Collection commission, DOKU – Binary conflicts invert illusions, featuring the characters Heaven and Hell choreographed in a new dance, and the cinematic DOKU the self, first shown at the Venice Biennale 2022.

In addition, our Back Gallery will be transformed into a retro-futuristic arcade where visitors will be able to play video game versions of LuYang projects, including the epic The Great Adventure of Material World.

Also opening, a solo exhibition by London-based Korean artist Shinuk Suh, the latest in our Invites programme.