Screen Grab: Collecting Film & Video

Screen Grab: Collecting Film & Video
Ed Atkins, Even Pricks, 2013 [still] Courtesy the artist, Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin, and Cabinet, London
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Spanning four decades, this screening reveals the breadth and diversity of recent moving image practice, as represented in the Julia Stoschek and Zabludowicz Collections. A conversation with Julia Stoschek and Anita Zabludowicz, moderated by Steven Cairns (ICA Curator of Artists' Film and Moving Image) gives insight into their approaches. This event takes place offsite at the Everyman Cinema, Baker Street.

In partnership with Julia Stoschek Collection, Dusseldorf and Berlin.


Dara Birnbaum, Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman, 1978-79, 05:50 mins, Julia Stoschek Collection

Tobias Zielony, Der Brief, 2013, 4:26 mins, Julia Stoschek Collection

Barbara Hammer, Snow Job: The Media Hysteria of Aids, 1988, 07:44 mins, Zabludowicz Collection

Laurel Nakadate, Greater New York, 2005, video (colour, sound), 5:10 mins, Zabludowicz Collection

Paul McCarthy, Ma Bell, 1971, 7:06 mins, Julia Stoschek Collection

Klara Lidén, 550 Jamaica Avenue, 2004, 3:06 mins, Julia Stoschek Collection

Jon Rafman, Still Life (Betamale), 2013, 04:55 mins, Julia Stoschek Collection and Zabludowicz Collection

Natalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Snakes Know It’s Yoga, 2010, video (colour, sound), 6:30 mins, Zabludowicz Collection

Mary Reid Kelley, The Queen’s English, 2008, 4:20 mins, Zabludowicz Collection

Ed Atkins, Even Pricks, 2013, 7:33 mins, Julia Stoschek and Zabludowicz Collection

Total running time: 56:40 mins