Workshop: Zander Porter

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Workshop: Zander Porter


Artist and choreographer Zander Porter invites participants from across spectra of movement, (dis)ability, and (dis)embodiment curiosity/experience to explore emoting exercises, cyborg mirroring, and replicant (dis)identification together. Through guided psychosomatic micro-ceremonies, the group will explore feeling (or emoting), articulating, seeing, and facializing in relation to each other and each other’s devices, virtually and corporeally. This intimate workshop aims to construct and experience an “identity blip matrix,” complicating neurotypical relationality and reorienting notions such as I/you/eye, we/techno/us, other/consumption/individual, queer/here/when, and this/🥺🤓🤔😵‍💫/that.

Zander Porter
is a Berlin-based artist and choreographer, working between liveness and onlineness. “Byproducts” (performances) at this intersection are articulated as matrices of queerer relationality.